Vintage Indian Motorcycle Wrench Tattoo Machine


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Product Description

This is a handmade Paul Rogers style vintage Indian Motorcycle Wrench Tattoo Machine, crafted by Carlos Solorzano out of Alaska, is from a limited production run at AK Irons during this last winter. This is a classic take on a popular vintage design accented with copper and brass hardware. The frame is made from a vintage Indian Motorcycle Wrench and engraved with a web design. Handmade 8 wrap coils on 3/8″ cores with phenolic washers, custom cut vintage money wraps will drive needle sets up to 15 mag. This Shader runs smooth and easy at 5.5vdc to 6.7vdc and is smooth shading. Comfortable, light and made with quality handmade parts & Eikon springs, this is one machine that will be a money maker for years to come. Features:

  • Made from a vintage Indian Motorcycle Wrench – Shader
  • Sealed 8 wrap hand wound coils on 3/8″ cores w/phenolic washers
  • Lightly Engraved
  • Vintage Trojan Cigar coil wraps
  • Runs at 5.5vdc to 6.7dc @ 128cps
  • Handmade Brass & copper hardware
  • Eikon spring set
  • Vintage style cloth wrap wires
  • 1 year warranty from maker

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